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Solvents Resistance Glitter Powder SR010
Solvents Resistance Glitter Powder SR010
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Aluminium Glitter Powder AL002
Aluminium Glitter Powder AL006
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Laser Glitter Powder LA014
Diamond Glitter Powder DI002
Diamond Glitter Powder DI005


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Glitter Powder Size Chart
Glitter Powder Size Chart
March 19, 2017
Inches Inches mm Microns 1/500" .002" 0.05mm 50microns 1/3...
Identify The Quality of Glitter Powder
Identify The Quality of Glitter Powder
December 20, 2016
To identify the quality of glitter powder mainly from its Appearance (includ...
Glitter Arts and Crafts
Glitter Arts and Crafts
December 20, 2016
Glitter is very popularly used in arts and crafts. These shiny things are ba

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        Go Shiny glitter Co., LTD is a professional supplier of decoration products. The main products are: glitter powder, pearl pigment, glitter film, glitter stickers etc.

        Our products are widely used in Cosmetics, Nail arts, Silk & Ink printing, Paint decoration, Greeting cards, Shoes and Cloths decoration, Christmas ornaments, Glasses ornament, Arts & Crafts decoration, New Year ornaments etc. to make your products more shiny and more attractive.

        Our team is experienced in this industry. We are with excellent services and full of team-working spirit and creativity to meet the satisfaction of the customers. We supply consistent quality, prompt shipment, and reasonable prices and more competitive products to all over the world, such us: the USA, Canada, UK, Poland, and Australia etc.

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